The money our participants earn for the time they spend in your agency is essential to their well-being. The working time tables that you fill out and submit are legal and verifiable records of these expenses. Therefore, the clean, accurate and timely presentation of each report on working time during each pay period is the essential component of the chain of control for that money – and that means that your very low-income participants do not run out of meals or rent because they have no money in their pocket. Becoming a host agency The host agency is instrumental and is usually every 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency, community organization or government agency. Through training in a local organization, older job seekers develop the skills and behaviours needed to successfully find and maintain employment. In addition, in a realistic environment, vocational training provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge and feedback that will be successful in the long term for CEP job seekers. As host agencies, you are an integral part of our efforts to spend and account for the taxpayer in a conscientious and accurate way, which participants pay for the time they train in your agency. To get an e-mail working time table: send and enter the subscriber`s file number (in the work table) into the subject line. (Working time tables must be sent individually by email) Be a part of Something Great Every year we work on average with 3,600 host agencies in the United States and we generate an average of 6,500,000 hours of service (the number of hours that SCSEP job search work at host agencies per year). First, the AARP Foundation`s priority is the safety and health of participants, staff and the community. That`s why, on Tuesday, March 17, project managers and staff of the AARP Foundation SCSEP will work remotely and all participants will be prohibited from attending their host agencies, personal training and all other activities in the current program. We are taking this step to minimize the potential for exposure to coVID 19 among our participants, AARP collaborators, and contribute to general public health in our communities.

To minimize payment interruptions, the AARP Foundation will provide paid emergency leave to eligible participants from March 16 to 30, 2020. We have a protocol to assess when participants can return to their host agencies and we ask you to keep the AARP Foundation project manager informed of your operational status. The AARP Foundation assessed the current situation and found that COVID-19 remains a risk and that participants are currently unable to return to their host agencies.