a. Grants and cooperation agreements are forms of financial assistance to organizations in support of a public purpose. The amount and duration of the aid will be different. The cooperation agreements involve significant involvement of the CDC and the activities are published in the Communication on Funding Opportunities (NOFO). Federal law requires that public procurement data be made available to the public. Below are several resources that provide information on CDC grants and attribution data for cooperation agreements. Unlike grants implemented independently of the organizing agency, cooperation agreements bring together the expertise of federal and non-federal researchers to conduct public health efforts that would not otherwise take place. In order for a cooperation agreement to be concluded, the implementation of a proposed project clearly requires the participation of staff in the programme. An evaluation is carried out to establish that the cooperation agreement is a sufficient priority to justify the commitment of secamermic human resources during the duration of the cooperation contract. The cooperation agreements provide NIOSH with the opportunity to organize collaborative monitoring and research activities with public health services, universities, unions and non-profit organizations. NIOSH provides funding for a wide range of cooperation agreements to develop knowledge that can be used for the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries. The CDC works with national partners to maintain and improve the performance of the public health system, making the 10 essential public health services available.

Currently, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHOexternal icon) provides technical assistance and expert consultations to the Puerto Rico Ministry of Health, the USVI Department of Health and the Pacific Islands to increase the capacity to effectively manage grants and contracts and to improve business processes (purchasing, recruiting andboarding). A. CDC uses grants and cooperation agreements to promote its mission of promoting and preventing health. These include laboratory research programs, health information programs, surveillance and prevention programs. Question: Can I request this announcement if my institution already has a grant or cooperation agreement with NIOSH (for example. B, LEOSH-funded education and research centre, etc.) ? Answer: Yes. If you have any questions about a grant or a specific cooperation contract funded by NIOSH, please contact Dr. Maria Lioce.