We started our Freedom Football program in 2017 as a means to bring Patriotism into the school system.

It has grown into MUCH more than that!  We’ve watched generational gaps close, teams, schools and communities that were divided, united for a common cause, hometown heroes properly thanked for their service and sacrifice to our great nation and stadium that are often half full, exceed attendance they haven’t seen in years.

This program is about bringing communities and schools together for a common cause – honoring YOUR hometown heroes.

Our team works directly with each school to fund raise and ensure that on game night, you have the opportunity to honor YOUR local men and women in uniform in a way that works best for your school and your community.

Visit our Event Calendar to find upcoming games.  From there, you can visit each school to purchase game day tees and jerseys or learn more about that game activities.

Are you interested in getting your school involved?

Please contact Amber Moulder, Executive Director,

at amber@warriorsforfreedom.org or (405) 286-9920.

Schools Who Have Participated:

Blanchard Public Schools

Chisholm Public Schools

Hennessey Public Schools

Kingfisher Public Schools

Mid-Del Public Schools

Newcastle Public Schools

Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Public Schools

Purcell Public Schools

Shattuck Public Schools

Tuttle Public Schools

Washington Public Schools

Waukomis Public Schools

Woodward Public School