My Name is Will Hawkins. I am a 100% disable Veteran (USMC).  For myself, Warriors for Freedom has given me a breath of fresh air.  I have to deal with my disabilities on a day to day basis.  The encouragement received from Warriors for Freedom to get me, my fellow veterans and my family out of the house and active again, has brought a new light and hope.  They truly care and show tremendous much support for veterans.  I’ve had the honor of participating in events and going on hunts with Warriors for Freedom and other veterans.

The company that I have founded, Recoil Rifle Slings, is owned and operated by Veterans.  We have step up in support for them. Our veterans here are dealing with their struggles with all types of disabilities.  At the end of the day it is rough trying to get your life back in order. Warriors for Freedom has given our veterans hope and to take a deep breath.  I have witnessed firsthand, the lift in moral among my brothers and sisters in arms, which resulted from the support they receive from Warriors for Freedom.

I want to thank Warriors for Freedom and we will keep supporting them because we have seen what they do for veterans.  I am honored to know them.