From empowering wounded servicemembers and veterans to giving them opportunities to inspire their fellow Americans, we’re proud to make a difference in people’s lives.

See what servicemembers, veterans and their families have to say about our programs:


Josh Massey, US Army

“Words cannot express the therapy riding and sharing my story with other veterans gives me. Thank you, Warriors for Freedom for helping me to overcome my disability.”

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James E. Stuck

“Being able to see others out on the golf course or participating in races with similar injuries lets me know that I’m not the only one and reinforces my personal drive.”

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Will Hawkins, US Marine Corps.

“Warriors For Freedom has given me a breath of fresh air.  I have to deal with my disabilities on a day to day basis…Encouragement from Warriors For Freedom to get out with me, my fellow veterans and my family has brought a new light and hope.  They truly care and show so much support for veterans.”

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Andi Chorley. US Army

“This feeling of comradery is something that only Soldiers understand. The feeling that someone has your back can give you the strength to do more than you can on your own. I look forward to working with Warriors for Freedom to give other veterans hope.”

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Brandon Stewart, US Army National Guard

Warriors for Freedom literally saved my life. I am eternally grateful for the support that funded my way to a better life, a life that has a future.”

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