Warriors for Freedom Foundation values both the warriors who have served our country AND sponsors and supporters who make this foundation possible.

As a participant in this foundation we expect a certain code of conduct to ensure we are able to continue hosting these incredible events.  The following are guidelines you, as a veteran participant, are required to abide by and understand.  Please read them in full before continuing to the veteran application.

1.  To complete your registration, you must upload a CLEAR scanned copy of your Member 4 copy DD214 or CURRENT ORDERS.

2.  Veterans who have completed the Veteran Bio application are able to participant in any event we host at no cost.

3.  Veteran participants are expected to value and appreciate the donors who make this possible and will be expected to show their gratitude and appreciation to them accordingly.

4.  If you register for an event and do not give a MINIMUM of 48 hours cancellation notice, you may be exempt from participating in future events.

5.  Anyone who no shows, without any notice, will be at risk of being removed from future events.

6.  Participating at no cost is a privilege.  If you take a spot and do not show, you are taking away this opportunity from other deserving veterans.

7.  Warriors for Freedom Foundation thanks you for your service, but we are not able to continue providing activities to those who do not equally appreciate those sponsors who have opened their doors to create an amazing event for you.

8.  These standards are subject to change at any time and you will be held accountable without notice.

9.  If you agree with these terms, please continue to complete the veteran bio.