How to Support Veterans on Giving Tuesday with Warriors For Freedom

Communities Coming Together to Support Veterans and Their Families

Giving Tuesday is around the corner, and we need your help! Keep reading to learn more about Giving Tuesday, how to get involved, and what Giving Tuesday can do for the veterans in your life.

What is Giving Tuesday?

If you’re familiar with any non-profit, you’ve probably heard of Giving Tuesday. That’s because over 10,000 nonprofit organizations participate in Giving Tuesday every year, and that number is growing.

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 around a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. The reach of Giving Tuesday goes all the way from small communities to global organizations with everything from monetary donations to volunteer work. Since its creation, Giving Tuesday has become a globally recognized movement for social good.

Anyone can participate in Giving Tuesday, and it’s not just for nonprofits. The overarching goal is to promote good deeds across the globe, which encompasses a variety of activities like donations, volunteering, and even the smallest acts of kindness. 

Why Should You Choose to Support Warriors for Freedom?

Put simply, we actually support veterans. Full stop.

These days, some nonprofits can be a little untrustworthy. Between finance issues and large payouts to CEOs, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where your money goes when you donate.

We believe in absolute transparency that benefits you as a donor and our veterans as the community we support. Warriors for Freedom wasn’t started as a feel-good side-project, we began with the intention of bettering the lives of veterans. The majority of our staff and board are made up of veterans, so our cause hits home for us. Every donation goes back toward the programs we run. Every. Single. Penny. 

How Can I Participate in Giving Tuesday?

You can donate, volunteer, share posts, etc! Giving Tuesday is about all acts of kindness and generosity, no matter the scale. You can find hundreds of organizations participating in Giving Tuesday to show your support, and there are so many ways to get involved. 

Our partners, Hudiberg dealerships and Twin Peaks in Oklahoma City, are a great place to start. On Giving Tuesday, or any day of the year, you can donate to Warriors for Freedom through them. We love our partners, and we think you will love them too! Pay them a visit to support them and support us as well!

Where do Donations Go?

Donations from Giving Tuesday, as well as all other donations to Warrior For Freedom, go towards action, not just talk, that supports veterans, offers them community, and prevents veteran suicide. We put 77 cents of every dollar back into veteran support, their families, and programming for veterans.

Our programs are rooted in activity and community, not just conversation. It’s nice to be around people who “get it,” which is why we believe so strongly in activity-based programming and events that people actually enjoy, not just sympathy cards. From fishing, to scuba diving trips, to golf, to veteran-only support groups, we prioritize activities that enrich lives and put veterans first.

If you want your donations to make a tangible difference in the lives of veterans. Consider using this Giving Tuesday to donate to Warriors for Freedom. You can learn more about our programs and what we’re about here. Interested in volunteering or participating? View our upcoming events here.