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Roberta Mims

Board Member

Roberta Mims leadership skills were established at a very young age with her completion of JROTC during her four years in high school. This exposure of the military culture created her desire to join the armed forces. She enlisted in the Army in June 2001, just 7 days after her 18th birthday. Her military career lasted from June 2001 through June 2007.  During her service, Roberta assisted and aided efforts in  Operation Enduring Freedom, Hurricane Katrina and a host of other services to support the Great State of Oklahoma. She was honorably discharged in June 2007.

Roberta Mims earned her undergrad degree in Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Gerontology in August 2018  from Southern Nazarene University. Her strong will and dedication to serving military members, veterans and their families created a pathway with her continuing her education thus also earning her a Masters degree in Science in Management from Southern Nazarene University in June 2020.

Roberta has extensive experience of over 5  years  in working for non-for-profit agencies. Starting with Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma, Roberta worked on a federal grant called Supportive Services for Veteran Families where she worked within a Rapid Re-Housing program. By rapidly re-housing veterans and their families, she assisted households that were experiencing homelessness with wrap around services and assisted financially by assisting low income families with deposits and rental assistance. She also prevented veterans from experiencing homeless through the threat of eviction. Currently, Roberta works for NorthCare, a nonprofit agency that strives in providing holistic mental health care, serving children, adolescents and adults in Oklahoma County. As a Court Services and Veteran Liaison, Roberta assists veterans and active duty members who are currently involved in the criminal justice system by providing community mental health services  and advocacy through the Veteran Diversion Program and Veteran Treatment Court  created in the Oklahoma County Courthouse District Attorney and Public Defenders Office.

Her life’s mission is to continue to assist veteran families in all capacities through the power of encouragement and knowledge and action.  As a veteran, Roberta wants to ensure that she has a steady and active hand in supporting veterans and their families in multiple capacities such as mentoring veterans who have been victimized by MST Military Sexual Trauma and promoting a positive outlook on veterans and active military members seeking therapeutic services.

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