Cellphones and Veteran Donations

Wireless Solutions and Accessories is more than just a cell phone repair shop. They have been taking care of families in the OKC metro for over eight years. They go above and beyond to ensure that they treat veterans and service members with the respect they deserve.

That’s why WSA partnered with Warriors for Freedom – because they understand the value of veterans’ mental health services after returning home from duty. They have found that making veteran donations through Warriors for Freedom is a direct way to impact their lives and community.

Why make veteran donations?

WSA is about as family-oriented as it gets. Like most families in the USA, the team members at WSA have relatives of their own who are serving and have served in the armed forces. Seeing firsthand the impact that military life has on veterans when they return home from duty inspired WSA to give back. They do this by supporting Warriors for Freedom and the programs that keep veterans engaged with a community of peers. Programs like scuba diving, fishing, and golf give veterans a sense of camaraderie and purpose. This is very beneficial in adapting to civilian life.

Service with a smile

Anyone can walk into one of the three WSA locations in the metro and get excellent service with a smile. But only veterans get a ten percent discount on cell phones, accessories, and repairs. The team at WSA knows the importance of being connected to the world through our devices. They remain consistently dedicated to providing our country’s veterans with fast, affordable, and quality service.

“We know that they face incredible challenges when they come back from their service; we want to make sure that we can do our part in making that transition as smooth as we can.”

Through partnering with Warriors for Freedom, WSA found a way to give veterans’ donations and help provide mental health services for our country’s bravest people.