Wounded Warrior Rediscovery

A Man Who Questioned Life Itself

“Guilt, loneliness, loss of purpose… others that were wounded died and didn’t get to come home, so why did I?” Rob Allen asked himself that as he sat in the emergency room. He felt his bandage wrap from a bullet that had entered and exited through his skull.

Enlisting in the U.S. Army at age 18, Allen served our country for ten years, enduring two tours in Iraq. Upon the 12th month of his second tour, Allen became wounded in action. The aftermath left him full of questions and despair. The biggest questions left him asking: Why was he still alive? What punishments would he face later on in life? He decided to push those dark feelings behind. He directed his attention to a new focus, law school. However, unfortunately, that was not the best distraction. If only he had known about the nonprofit organization, Warriors for Freedom during his time of desperation. With them, he could not have struggled alone for so long.

Nonprofit organization reconnecting the community

Warriors for Freedom aided Allen in finishing law school. They also helped him become a regular functioning member of society. Warriors for Freedom is a nonprofit organization providing a purpose and support to every veteran. They offer various services to assist veterans transitioning back into civilian life. Services include programs such as warrior groups, scuba diving, and outdoor recreation. Formed through these programs are communities creating meaningful connections within each individual. By building these communities and relationships up, the nonprofit organization helps create a brighter future for every veteran.

Now Allen is a part of the board serving as the President of the Board of Directors. He encourages veterans of all backgrounds to join the Warriors for Freedom community. One of their goals is to increase awareness of the foundation. Their other goals are to ensure veterans know that they are there for them and willing to help in any way they can. Not only is this important to Allen from his first-hand experience but also to the nonprofit organization. Warriors for Freedom live by their mission statement to help every veteran.